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Working With Your Team

At first thought a “team” may trigger memories of little league baseball as a child or the team building you did at work with your colleagues,however the team that I am referring to is the one you live with, play with and love unconditionally… your family.

As the new year brings about a renewed energy perhaps you have personally thought about goals and intentions you have for the upcoming year. At this point I am going to ask you to pause and reflect on what this looks like in the big picture for your family.

If you have set a goal this year to be more aware of the food choices you are making, the portions you are eating, or increasing the level of activity in your rather sedentary day you are well on your way to making positive changes to for a healthier lifestyle.

In all of these scenarios, or ones that resonate more personally with you, I will first ask you to draw awareness to the language you choose to use. By no longer referring to food as “good or bad” or the “junk” in the drawer you may start to create less judgement around the food itself and instead can focus on the choices you are making. By starting to involve all members of the family in the grocery shopping and food preparation you will open an opportunity to discuss the flavours, colors and combinations that taste great and nourish our bodies. It may be unrealistic to drag the whole family to the grocery store but from time to time, there is great value in everyone knowing how to navigate the numerous options and to see where the food is coming from. By spring you may even start to search out markets or local farms to visit and purchase fresh food.

The same consideration must be given to physical activity. If the language around the activity you are choosing to do is starting to sound like a chore, for example “I HAVE to go to the gym” or “Push ups are punishment” this will likely start to change the association the other members of your family will make with activity as well. By shifting the language to the numerous benefits of your activity choices such as the increased energy, strength and mobility you may find the enjoyment and focus begin to change. Ultimately doing activity together as a family will also foster these benefits. Consider trying something new this year. Dust off your skates, pick up a racquet or link in with your local community recreation centre to see what programs are being offered for you and your family, they are often endless. Community Facebook Groups are also a great place to connect with other families in your area or find out about hidden gems just steps away from home. For more examples visit:

These small changes will not only benefit the lifelong relationship with food and physical activity for your family but they will also help you to re-frame the way you look at the steps required to achieve your goals this year.

I firmly believe that working together as a family team will create a healthier environment for all as well as lay a foundation for sustainable change. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed with getting started, connect with your FitMetabolism coach or book a free needs assessment today. Its as easy as calling our member care team at (403) 452-0900 or visiting our website at

Don’t shy away from creating a healthy lifestyle this year, in fact, let’s take the first step together!

Ashley Fox