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What to Do When Your Motivation for Weight Loss and Exercise Fades

We’ve all been there. You’re excited and motivated to begin a new weight-loss plan – finally, you will get fit and begin leading a healthier, happier life. And for a week or two, or maybe even ten, you do it.
You eat fewer calories, cut out bad carbs, and hit the gym before work three days each week. You’re feeling good.
Then you miss a workout. And another. A stressful day on the job leads to an overdose of chocolate ice cream, and before you know it, you just can’t be bothered to track points, work out or even pretend to eat healthy. Your motivation is gone, and the pounds start to come back.

Sound familiar? The truth is, staying motivated and on track with your weight-loss plan is tough. But there are things you can do to make it easier.

Develop Healthy Habits

Too many people see weight loss and fitness as a journey with a beginning and an end. When you reach your destination – your goal weight – you plan (maybe only subconsciously) to return to your old way of eating and living.
The trouble with this mindset is that it leaves you feeling deprived. You can’t eat the foods you love, you can’t indulge at parties, and you force yourself to spend long hours in boring workout routines. No wonder you have a hard time staying motivated. Everything about that scenario is unpleasant.

True weight-loss success begins with a different attitude. Rather than “giving up” dessert, plan how you can reduce your calorie intake somewhere else, so you can still have a few bites of your favorite treats. Instead of logging endless miles on the treadmill, find a pretty backwoods trail and go for a hike. Instead of a number on the scale, make healthy living your goal, and you won’t have any trouble staying motivated.

Build a Support Network

Another de-motivational pitfall you might run into is a lack of support from family and friends. Spouses who fill the pantry with unhealthy foods, or who resent the time you spend working out, can quickly derail your plan. Coworkers who bring donuts to the office each morning and even well-meaning friends who insist you don’t need to lose weight (even though you do) can both wear down your resolve.
Building your support network might require some frank conversations with the de-motivators in your life. By publicly stating your goals and asking for their help, you’ll not only be more likely to gain their support, but you’ll have a feeling of public accountability. That alone can help keep you motivated.

If you find you need additional support, you might want to consider weight-loss coaching. These trained coaches can help you plan an approach to weight loss that will work for you. They’ll be there to keep you going when you just want to give up, and show you ways you can motivate yourself, even when everyone else seems to be against you.

Getting fit and healthy can take time, but if you focus on making lasting changes rather than the end goal, you’ll be better equipped to stay motivated throughout the process. Not only that, but you’ll be able to celebrate the small triumphs along the way – and that will help keep you motivated as well.

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