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What is exercise?


If someone were to ask you this question, what would you say? How would you describe “exercise”?


I view exercise as a tool or instrument that can be used to build toward something. “Something” can be almost anything. For example, your use of the exercise “tool” might be:

·       to build strength or muscle

·       to tone or reshape

·       to train for a particular event or sport

·       to rehabilitate from an injury, or

·       to find relief from stress.


Used appropriately, exercise can help dramatically in achieving these goals. In fact, exercise plays an important role in our overall sense of well being–physically, emotionally, and mentally–and it has a direct effect on reducing cortisol (stress hormone) levels in our bodies. Exercise is good stuff!


When you want to start a new exercise program or ramp up your existing program, it is important to seek direction from a qualified exercise professional (like me, for instance!). I can help with planning and guidance to make sure you don’t jump too quickly into a new training routine, or risk injury or burn-out from using improper form or technique.


My exercise philosophy is that the quality of movement should be superior to the quantity of movement (repetitions) in your exercise routine. High-quality movement prevents overtraining and injuries.


I also recognize that bodies come in all shapes and sizes—each of us is completely unique. This is another reason why it is important to find an experienced exercise professional who can create an exercise routine not only for your specific needs and interests, but for your body’s unique needs as well.


People typically think about exercise in two categories: cardiovascular fitness and weight training. I prefer to think of exercise as “oil changes.” With your vehicle, you probably schedule regular oil changes to keep the engine from seizing up or having other complications. Your body is kind of the same.


For example, if you enjoy running and you know how much wear and tear it causes on your joints (six times the pressure of your body weight with every step!), why not do a little “oil change” before and after each running session to make sure your body stays in its best possible condition?


It’s a win/win. I believe that when people put a little time and effort into regularly scheduled “oil changes,” they are able to perform better and recover more quickly from participating in whatever activities they enjoy.


I hear many people say that time and accountability are the main reasons they struggle when it comes to sticking to an exercise routine. If this is true for you, or if you are interested in learning more about how I can help you set or meet your exercise goals, give us a call here at FitMetabolism and set up an exercise needs assessment appointment. I’d be happy to help you get on track and stay on track with an exercise routine that works for you!


Zac Glowa