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What does lifestyle really mean?

I know you’ve heard it before. It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle, but have you ever really thought about what a lifestyle is?

According to Webster a lifestyle is “a particular way of living”, in other words, it’s a way of life. When we lose weight using a lifestyle, we must lose weight by adopting a way of life. What does that even look like?

I’m married with two kids, I work outside the home, I have friends that like the occasional beer, and I enjoy birthday cake at birthday parties. That’s my way of life. So how do I lose weight in my lifestyle?

If my weight depends on the above factors then it’s easy. For the duration of my diet, I’ll get divorced, send my kids to boarding school, tell my friends I won’t be seeing them for the rest of my life, and make sure I don’t have a birthday nor attend any birthday parties. This is what a diet wants me to do.


That’s not where my mind goes. I have to use my current lifestyle to may advantage. I have to understand how my wife and kids influence the way I do health, I have to learn how to eat birthday cake and lose weight. That is a way of life, not a momentary change in what I do so that my scale decreases then go back to my regular lifestyle and see my weight return.

A lifestyle change isn’t necessarily a complete change in the way we do life. There may be some part of my life that may need an overhaul but I have to uncover what that is first before I make any changes.

The life you live already supports a certain weight. Celebrate your life learn to celebrate the weight it supports. Now if you don’t want to be that weight, what part of your life needs to be addressed? Do you get stressed and as a consequence eat more? Do you want to live a stressed lifestyle, is that a way you want to live? If not, then how could you change that, and what would the resultant weight be?

A diet doesn’t ask you that question, it just tells you what to eat and what not to eat. Now I’m even more stressed. Let your coach ask you the right questions, not tell you what to do (because what if you can’t do that very thing?). Weight loss can be a fun journey, a journey into self-discovery and improvement! It’s why I love what I do. Thanks for reading.


Jason Hagen