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Weight Loss Success Stories Build Us Up and Give Us Hope

There’s nothing like an inspiring story to help keep you going when you struggle. Whether it’s with a relationship problem, a challenge at work, or when you’re trying to learn a new skill, stories of those who have faced the same issues and succeeded are sometimes all it takes to get you moving in the right direction again.

Weight loss is no different. In fact, success stories can sometimes be the thing that makes all the difference with food choices, boredom, cravings, and all the other things that threaten to derail your best efforts.

When You Have a Lot of Weight to Lose

We’ve all successfully lost five or ten pounds. Cut back on the desserts, get a little more active for a couple of weeks, and dropping a few pounds is relatively easy. But if you need to lose 30 or 40 pounds or even more, the thought of it can be pretty overwhelming.

Suddenly, it’s not just a two-or-three-week goal – it’s months. And staying motivated over the long term can be really tough. Reading the stories of those who have persevered is a great way to give yourself that extra boost of energy to work out today, or the willpower to resist eating too much of the goodies you love, but that you know are bad for you.

When Your Family is Unsupportive

It seems odd to think that your family members wouldn’t be supportive of your weight-loss efforts, but it does happen. Sometimes they’re concerned that you’ll expect them to change all their bad eating habits, too. Or they might worry that the new fit-and-thin you will make them look bad by comparison. Whatever the reason, sometimes they just aren’t as helpful and supportive as we need them to be. That’s when those inspiring weight-loss stories can really help.

They showcase people who have done what you’re doing and succeeded – even if the odds were against them. How can that not be inspiring to someone just starting out?

When Working Out is the Last Thing You Want to Do

Sometimes no matter how supportive your spouse is or how much help you’re getting from your local weight-loss clinic, the idea of hitting the gym again today is just too much. All you want to do is crawl back into bed. That’s perfectly normal – as long as you don’t actually do it.

Instead, find out how others in your situation have overcome this obstacle (there are thousands of stories similar to yours) and learned to look forward to working out. With the right encouragement and inspiration, you’ll eventually learn to love your gym time.

Jason Hagen