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The Importance of Logging

With the recent launch of the FitMetabolism App, logging and its purpose has been at the forefront of many conversations lately.  Why is logging what we eat, the activity we do, our sleep, water intake, and other components of our lifestyle so important?  There are a number of reasons but let’s dive into two of the key factors pertaining to logging what we eat.


  1. Monitoring– Logging what we eat creates a level of awareness about what is actually going into our body each day.  By logging we become more conscious of our choices. Conscious eating provides more enjoyment of what we eat and a stronger experience of what the choices are doing for our body.  While working on monitoring it is important to log everything.  At times you might wonder how to log something, or hope that if you don’t write it down it won’t count, however just write it down! This is key for the conversations you and your coach will have as well as to provide a true representation of your daily intake.  By simply monitoring alone, there is often great awareness in what we are eating, when we are eating, and our relationship with certain foods.


  1. Modifying– As we monitor and create awareness of what we are eating through the logs, patterns will start to emerge.  In order to modify the behaviours, habits and environments which are not in line with your goals, you can use your logs to track change in these patterns as well as prepare and plan accordingly for potential triggers.


If logging is already a consistent behaviour for you then you may want to start to consider how often you are logging.  Is it a reflective activity at the end of the day? Or something you do in real time?  The latter option is proven to be better for long-term success, help with preparing and planning and also provides a more accurate report.


Logging is a behaviour that I continue to work on, and looking through the evidence to prepare this blog strengthened my reasoning for striving to create this habit.  Like many other habits I have worked on in the past, when my energy and focus is high, I am logging with ease, but when I am tired at the end of the day I am less likely to do so.  My goal to work on this is to start logging in real time and not waiting until the end of the day when my motivation is often at its lowest. I will know that I have achieved success if there is as many afternoon snacks and dinners logged as there are breakfasts and lunches.


Are you on the FitMetabolism App yet? If not, talk to your coach today about getting connected.  The app provides an opportunity to connect with your coach through a messaging function, track your physical activity and monitor what you are eating.


If you are not currently working with a FitMetabolism coach and want to find out more book a free needs assessment today. Its as easy as calling our member care team at (403) 452-0900 or visiting our website at


Ashley Fox