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Meet Karen

Consistently I am asked about my success, and I explain how skeptical I was when I started and how I wouldn’t tell anyone what I was doing, because I feared the failure again. Now, I brag about how the Fitmethod is a way of life for me – a journey to better health for me – a true life changing experience of learning and being in control of my own health. It is a guided journey to health (since that is not the area I specialize in) so as I travel down the road, my guide is there to help explain the challenges, the bumps, the roadblocks, etc. and how together we can figure out a new path and a way to overcome these. Each step has been successful as I have travelled this road to health – I have learned about my struggles, my fears, my successes and I have had support for each step I have taken. Funny, every person that has fought the battle of weight knows that it is often more about the “unsaid” fears, the emotional struggles, the struggles life has thrown at us, the stress we deal with that has resulted in the Weight Gain. Now I understand this side of my battle as well.

This program is about getting real with yourself – being willing to face each day with honesty. It is NOT about doing this or that, NOT eating this or that, denying myself every pleasure in order to find success at losing weight. This program is about having a Life Coach to walk with you through each day, each decision and to teach you – help you understand as you discover how to life a healthy life – Your Healthy Life! This program is about Yes, I can … I can eat what I want, when I want – it’s about learning to do it with mental awareness and how I process it. Making informed decisions and always using the guiding principle of how this will lead me to Living Healthy – then deciding what I will have and how much I will have.

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