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Meet Donna

One of my first questions about the Fitmethod was, “What is the success rate of this program?” I had tried other diets and workout programs in the past and was frustrated because they weren’t realistic to maintain long term, results were slow and painful and my weight always came back. My coach’s response was “100% – when people apply the information”. I was worried – would I ever eat my beloved popcorn again? Yes I would! The Fitmethod is so amazing because I can eat basically whatever “I choose”. Choice is an important key for my success. My coach did not tell me what to eat, but rather educated me about food, provided recommendations and left the choices up to me.

So far I have gained a body that is 27 lbs. lighter, decreased body fat and definitely stronger!! I have never experienced these kinds of results before – and I have tons of new found energy! I am a 49 year old, 5 foot tall, woman – in the world of typical weight loss; these are 3 strikes against me. At FitMetabolism, these 3 criteria were used to help determine what I needed to do to be successful.

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