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Spring cleaning your lifestyle habits

Ah, spring cleaning! The age-old tradition of cleaning up what is left behind after a long, cold winter and preparing for the renewal that comes with spring…

The idea of spring cleaning may be met at your house with a sense of energy and excitement–and perhaps the odd groan due to the work involved–but for the most part, probably with a sense of anticipation for the warmer days ahead. Planting gardens, outdoor adventures, a visit to the golf course, the sound of children playing outside, visits with neighbours–the list goes on!

Some of your spring cleaning tasks might include getting your bike tuned up to make sure the chain, brakes, and gears are working in preparation for all the two-wheeled exploring you plan to do in the months ahead. Or maybe your spring thing is sharpening the lawn mower blade for the first green grass that pops up, or maybe it’s about updating your wardrobe to reflect the season. (Fortunately, at my house, most of these are tasks that my husband tackles, so I can focus on my favourite spring activities: pulling my sandals out of the closet and deciding what flowers to plant this year!)

Spring cleaning can also apply to our lifestyle habits. While you are out for a walk, or perhaps while you are looking out and enjoying the breeze coming in through the open windows, I encourage you to ask yourself a few mental spring cleaning questions. For example:

What were my desires or goals at the start of 2017? Are they still the same now?
Which of my lifestyle habits are working for me? Which are not?
Is it time to “dust-off” some of favourite activities, books, or motivating practices to re-energize myself for spring?
Is it time to consider introducing some new fresh-food habits into my diet, or setting some boundaries around how much time I spend in front of a screen?
Research around creating and/or breaking habits tells us that it is a cue or trigger that starts the habit loop. Identifying and learning about your habitual cues or triggers might be just the thing to help set you on the right foot for spring! If this interests you, I encourage you to pick up a copy of Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, or talk to your FitMetabolism coach about it during your next session.

I’m going to keep this short and encourage you to leave the screen or couch behind for a while. Why not head outside? Spring is upon us and our wellness journey continues!

Happy Spring everyone!

Ashley Fox