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So where’s the catch?



The food and exercise industries have done a great job selling us on the idea that the key to weight loss, fitness, and healthy lifestyle is tied up in a product or something we can purchase. When we buy in, though, the reality we find at the other end is that we are left with “stuff” we don’t need and whole lot of confusion.

The truth, however, is not all that flashy, and-guess what?-it works!! Making small, realistic, and measurable changes over time creates and supports a healthy lifestyle.

As coaches at FitMetabolism, we see an incredible burden lifted off the shoulders of our valued members when they find out that there are no packaged foods to buy, no pills, and no unrealistic, structured or rigid exercise programs to follow.

Instead, FM clients discover the hopeful sense that it is possible to work toward their weight loss and fitness goals, even while they socialize with family and friends, go on vacations, and keep up with the joys and demands of life. They can purchase real food from grocery stores, restaurants, and farmers markets. And they can participate in activities they enjoy, that make them feel strong, and perhaps even connect them with nature.

So there is no catch, and no flashy billboard or latest book sale either, because a well-balanced lifestyle that supports your overall well-being isn’t something you can buy. But man, oh man, the journey to get there is worth it!

Our belief at FitMetabolism is that the key to your healthy lifestyle is WITHIN YOU. Our coaches will support you in a journey to embrace, achieve, and sustain a healthy lifestyle. One that is flashy in its own right. 😉


Ashley Fox