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Upon completing his Masters degree Jason began teaching courses at St. Mary's University when he recognized a significant problem with the weight loss industry. The issue he discovered was that most people lose weight only to regain it after quitting or "completing" their diet. Additionally, most of these people blamed themselves and their bodies, rather than the structure and the setup of the unrealistic diet. To further compound this vicious circle he found that many companies in the weight loss industry were knowingly contributing to the situation.

Jason saw a need for a system that proactively worked on preventing weight regain. This desire spawned the Fitmethod. Today, the Fitmethod has been refined for over 10 years and applied to over 45,000 member visits as part of the FitMetabolism organization in Calgary, Alberta.

Jason Hagen

FitMethod Coach and Founding Partner

Mary Naldoza


Tracy Fisher

Fitmethod Coach

Ashley Fox

Fitmethod coach

Marco Iafrate

Fitmethod Coach

Zac Glowa

Exercise Coach

Alison Holmes


Rory Hornstein

FitMethod coach and Registered Dietitian