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Moving through the seasons

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Sunshine and long summer days make it easy and fun to participate in physical activities outdoors such as evening walks, running community races, bike riding with the family, or getting out to swim, boat, or play in the water. As the season changes to fall, we find ourselves reaching for sweaters and scarves to keep warm, and curling up with a comforting cup of tea may seem more appealing than going outside for a walk.
If this fall scenario rings true for you, or if you are realizing that many of your favourite activities are summer based, I want to encourage you to avoid hibernation and MOVE through the seasons this year!
If you’ve had an active, adventure-filled summer, many aspects of your body, mind, and spirit will have become accustomed to that level of physical activity. You don’t want to lose the endless benefits of your summer activities by hiding in your fleece pyjamas as the seasons change. Make yourself a physical activity plan for the fall instead!
Here are a few strategies for making it an active fall and winter:
  • Try something new. Check out your local community centre or other activity-based organizations in your area to see if there are any “learn to” programs starting up. Perhaps you could dust off your skates or skis this winter?
  • Get outside. You may have heard the expression, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” This is true when it comes to taking crisp fall walks and winter hikes, or participating in other snow-filled adventures. Layer up, dress appropriately, and enjoy the great outdoors!
  • Switch it up. If you have been attending the same classes or programs for a while, take it inside and switch it up. Perhaps your body will thank you after a yoga practice or a high-energy spin class.
  • Head to the mall. When the temperature drops, malls and the airport are great places to walk safely indoors (and window shop!). Check websites or info desks for information and hours.
  • Connect. Social connections are consistently proven to be key factors for enjoyment and accountability when it comes to physical activity. Chat with a co-worker or friend about scheduling an active meet-up. Give the gift of a new activity experience to a friend or family member. Getting together to be active has many built-in health benefits and literally allows you to “walk the talk.”
  • Set a goal.
  • Having something to look forward to and work toward can help keep you focused on activity during fall and winter. Registering for an event such as a run or walk in the Calgary Marathon next May could serve as a personal motivator, and might even make a good stocking stuffer!
My challenge to you is this: Make a plan to hit spring 2017 in stride after an active, adventure-filled fall and winter! As always, your FitMetabolism coach is happy to talk, strategize, and support your active goals.
Hope to see you on the path, in the park, or at FitMetabolism soon!
Ashley Fox