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Making a Christmas Connection


Humans are hard-wired for connection. To be healthy and resilient, we need each other.


Connection is one of my top values, and during the month of December, I choose to celebrate it. Christmas time, for many, is a season of connection–a time to really slow down and reconnect with family and friends. The challenge is that connecting at this time of year often revolves around food and alcohol, and plenty of it!


One of the things I love about the FitMetabolism Method is learning new skills that enable us to join in celebrations with our loved ones. We learn to plan ahead and be part of the festivities, instead of disconnecting from those around us out of fears we hold about our eating behaviours. Gone are the days where we have to make a choice between staying “on plan” OR enjoying social occasions and parties. For me, this feels positively liberating!


With the Fit Method, part of connecting socially with others is learning to set ourselves up for success. For example, if your goal is to go to a family Christmas party and not eat any of Grandma’s famous shortbread, you have set a very difficult goal for yourself (unless you don’t like shortbread). Remember: Different environments can set us up to make choices we wouldn’t normally make. If, on the other hand, you choose to go to that same party with the goal of truly connecting with your loved ones by listening to stories, sharing in laughter, and indulging in some homemade treats, you are far more likely to be successful.


Most of us have had the psychological experience of telling ourselves we that can’t have something (shortbread, perhaps?), and then finding that it becomes the only thing we want. This all-or-nothing approach often leads to over-consumption. Christmas is a great time to do some work around all-or-nothing thinking and beginning to learn the skill of moderation.


Like any skill, learning moderation takes practice, so be kind to yourself. It doesn’t happen overnight. Remember, it’s what we do repeatedly–on a daily basis—that determines our outcomes, not what we do over Christmas break.


So allow yourself some grace. Connect with yourself. Try to avoid seeing the holiday season as an opportunity to put everything you have learned about moderation “on hold.” Instead, use what you have learned! Test out your strategies. Get curious about the outcomes.


How else might you connect during the month of December?


·       Book an appointment with your FM coach, and keep it. We want to see you! Remember, as things get busier we are happy to facilitate via Skype or Facetime.


The pull to cancel appointments in December because we feel we have not done well is strong. Come in anyway! FM is a judgment-free environment, and a session with your coach could help you to relax some of the black-or-white thinking that might be getting in your way. Changing behaviour is a journey that takes time, and there is a lot to learn about our behaviour during the holidays!


·       Connect with the “Wellness in Action” group on Thursday evenings to enhance the support you receive from your coach. Wellness in Action is offered to you free of charge to connect you with your FM community–your peers, those who are on the same journey that you are. People who are not yet members of FitMetabolism are also are welcome to come to the group to experience one of the benefits of our FM community.


·       Book in for a needs assessment to have all of your questions answered and truly find out why we are so different!


Christmas is coming! Why not enjoy making and renewing connections this season, and feeling great about it when the new year arrives?!


Tracy Fisher