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Maintaining Motivation

It’s February! Wow… the dust has settled from the holidays and you are likely well into the routine of work commitments, extra-curricular activities and taking care of the needs of your family. Your 2016 goals may still be at the forefront of your mind and you may be tackling them one step at a time, or for some they may be a distant memory.

Regardless if you are still working towards reaching your 2016 goals or are interested in revisiting them, take a moment to “check in” and see where you are at.

A great place to start is to ask yourself, “What motivated me to set this goal in the first place?”. This may either confirm what intentions you have for attaining your healthy lifestyle or it may cause you to re-evaluate the goal all together. Once you have spent some time confirming or re-evaluating, take the next step and write it down. By writing the goal down and having it somewhere that you can see it regularly it can serve as a reminder when you need it. Tucking it away at the back of your notebook or in the bottom of your purse (… we know what kind of things get lost down there), it is likely to not serve you with the purpose you have intended for it to be.

At this point you may also be ready to start tackling the barriers you encounter by facing them head on. My suggestion for this piece of maintaining your motivation is that if you know that something continues to come up again and again you may need to make the necessary adjustments to your goals. Treating regular behaviours such as a glass of wine with a friend or missing your daily walk on Friday’s as though they don’t happen very often, when you know in reality they are weekly occurrences, you can start to plan accordingly. This is also where you might need to use your “phone a friend” option and let someone in on your goals. A spouse, colleague or reliable friend might play a supportive role in maintaining your motivation over time. They can serve as a listening ear, walking buddy or simply a teammate, depending on what you need.

The last couple tips to maintaining motivation serve not only for your emotional and physical well-being but can support long term changes to your health. Get outside! The benefits of spending time in nature are endless. Along with the stress relief, increased levels of vitamin D and physical activity that are often associated with being outdoors you may also find yourself feeling more grounded and motivated to move and act towards your goals. Also ask yourself about the internal conversations you are having. Self-talk can be extremely helpful or hurtful. Do a quick check to make sure that YOU are on YOUR team and supporting your goals. Seems simple, but those pesky voices can be really loud sometimes.

As always, the support and accountability your FM Coach can offer is key to maintaining motivation. Don’t hesitate to connect with your FitMetabolism coach or book a free needs assessment today. Its as easy as calling our member care team at (403) 452-0900!

Ashley Fox