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We are at all times conscious of the unrealistic expectations created by the weight loss industry and the media; the perception that weight management is about abstinence or crash diets, and that only highly visible, rapid results are worthwhile. The Fitmethod sets new expectations in the language of health and well­being, over longer timescales.

Understanding the Weight Loss Problem

The Fitmethod works because it recognizes and accommodates the multiplicity of factors that lead to gradual weight gain, which can lead to obesity.

Backed by Science, Explained in Plain Language

It is a science based approach that calibrates the controlled intake of carbs, proteins and fats (CPF) to your unique metabolism, and we actually take the time to explain the relationship between your metabolism and your CPF intake.

Coach and Peer Support

Your understanding of your body and your unique CPF intake allows you to regain control of your own weight loss over time, with the support of consistent and relevant one­to­one coaching from health professionals and group support with your peers.

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