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Knowing when “it” really matters

Recently a family member fell ill, a friend lost his spouse, another was having challenges with kids, and two others were planning vacations but had been told to take their work laptops with them. Some of these events were life changing. Others could be called challenging. All had a significant impact on those who were experiencing them.

This cluster of events led me to do some deep reflecting on what’s important and what’s not, and by consequence, when it is appropriate to put pedal to the metal to achieve something and when it might be better to ease off. It also led to a rich conversation with FitMethod coaches Jason and Tracy about our work as coaches and how people approach weight loss and weight management.

People come to FitMetabolism for a reason. They have a goal in mind and look to us for support in achieving that goal. We talked a lot about the FitMetabolism system and how it can help people reach their weight loss and weight-management goals. But that’s not what stood out in the conversation for me. What stood out was the idea (and evidence) that those who have been really successful at weight loss and weight management know when it matters and when it doesn’t. It’s about perspective.

Throughout our lives and our weight-loss journeys, we always need to have commitment and hope. You came to FitMetabolism for a reason, and that reason is important and meaningful to you. But things can and do happen in life. So it’s also important to remember that one day in the big picture is only one day. When life gets complicated, we can keep our goals in mind, but we can also remember that one day–or even many days– away from our weight-loss goals is only a small matter in the larger scheme of things.

Knowing when “it” matters and when “it” doesn’t can be challenging. But that knowledge is often the difference between those who succeed at weight loss / weight loss management and those who don’t. Our priorities have to ebb and flow with the circumstances of our lives. And perhaps that is the key: To focus on what’s important in this moment, to recognize what REALLY matters right now.

If you can, take some time to consider your current circumstances and priorities. Is this a time when it might be best to step back temporarily and regroup, or is it a good time to surge ahead toward your goals?

Marco Iafrate