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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I love that Christmas song. If you’re anything like my family that “time” reference in that song is referring to 3-4 weeks, not just one day. I love the nostalgia, the Christmas cookies, chocolates, eggnog, and gingerbread lattes, just to name a few. It’s definitely a season, not a day.

So how do you navigate the “season”? What are your ideas when it comes to health and weight? Are you okay with some Christmas weight gain? Do you want to see loss during the holidays?

The honest answer is that everyone is different. Not only in family traditions, but also how you mentally approach them. In this season on my life with having two boys we are beginning to establish our own family traditions. Some of these are food based, some include lightening Advent candles and some include decorating the Jesse tree (

It is my desire to establish family traditions and create experiences that last a lifetime and I acknowledge that some of these will include food.

So I approach this season with the mental approach of how I walk into the season and how I will walk out of it. I’m less worried about the season itself because I know the environments and behaviours that I have created prior to Christmas protect me from the Christmas weight. From my experience although Christmas may be a 4-week season, it is typically not the sole reason for struggles with weight.

So I take heart that the environments I walk back into (my everyday routines) will naturally shed those unwanted Christmas pounds. There is a sense of relief and freedom to this.

I also believe that my Christmas focus should be surrounding relationships, and it is my opinion that it is healthy to bake Christmas cookies with the kids, as it directly benefits their emotional and mental health. My kids will remember those things for the rest of their lives.

I truly believe that overall health isn’t simply defined by ones weight or the amount of sugar a person eats.

So enjoy the season, trust in the reality that you have worked hard to overcome many challenges on your way to establishing healthy habits. Continue to connect with your Fitmethod coach and celebrate the progress you’ve made in your everyday habits. We are here for you and have expanded our support including two additional ways to connect that are included in your memberships. We now offer:
• The Wellness in Action group held every Thursday evening from 6:30pm-8pm.
• FitChats with me held on the last Monday of the month from 7pm-8pm.

As always you can bring a friend, family member or loved one to experience first hand what FitMetabolism is about.

My final advice is celebrate Christmas in a mindful way and do your best not to stress or to get overly critical of yourself if indulgences occur.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Jason Hagen