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Staying true to your health and wellness goals during Summer

Summer is coming! As much as this thought brings me a lot of joy, it also brings with it some fear– fear around how I will manage the many different environments that summer inevitably brings. I’ll give you some personal examples.


My 21- and 18-year-old daughters are back from university for the next three months and they like to bake. My oldest daughter is one of those people who can bake a cheesecake, eat one small slice and walk away. I’m not sure where she got those genes from because I am NOT one of those people! This is a tough new environment for me to navigate as I like to eat her baking (the rest of the cheesecake!). My 13-year-old is off school which means even though I don’t have to pack school lunches (the bane of my existence), my son is at home more which gives me less downtime– time that I often need to recharge and put my best foot forward. We also spend two weeks at our cabin in July every year, and the cabin environment seems to exist in a vortex; that is, it couldn’t be further from my everyday environment.


All of these things bring up the question: “How do I enjoy summer with my family while at the same time staying true to my health and wellness goals?” The answer is: “With a plan.”


Automaticity is one thing that helps us stay on task in non-summer months. We tend to be more structured: mealtimes typically exist at a similar time each day and we may even eat the same thing for lunch everyday (Have you tasted the black bean burgers at Costco? So good!). All in all, we have to put less thought into the everyday environment as a lot of it has become automatic. I guarantee for most people, summer just looks different.


Research shows that during summer, the average person can gain up to 2.8% of their bodyweight, and this is due in large part to changes in the environment. We don’t want you to lose sight of your long-term health and wellness goals! We place high value on your ease and enjoyment while navigating these tougher environments and want to continue to support you.  We understand that people have a hard time maintaining their current nutrition plans over the summer and we are here to support you! It is so easy to write off our health and wellness goals when we just can’t see a way through it with both enjoyment and success as outcomes. What would a successful summer look like to you? Is it possible to see maintenance as a win? A win that allows you to enjoy your summer and then begin your fall at the same place as you started, not 2 steps back? Often it is the 1 step forward, 2 steps back nature of fat loss that is so frustrating!


To me, one of the most impactful statements from Brené Brown’s latest book, Rising Strong, is this: “Choose courage over comfort.” The comfortable thing to do is not always the right thing or the thing that ultimately yields us the lives we desire. Often when in search of something new in our lives, we need to step outside of our comfort and challenge ourselves! The comfortable thing may be to avoid coming in to see your Coach; to not book a workout session with your trainer; to not make a plan for your summer. Is this the courageous thing to do? Will this bring you the outcomes you desire? If you need support in building a Summer Plan, please talk with your Coach.  If you are new to FitMetabolism, please reach out for a free needs assessment where we can speak to you about our health and wellness philosophy and how we can best support you in yours.


Tracy Fisher