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One of the points you may have noticed on our  FitMetabolism manifesto poster is; “WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER”. Though it is a lovely sentiment; that is not why it is one of our guiding principles. Research points to the truth in this statement.  Researcher and Professor, Dr. Brené Brown’s  research  proves out that as humans we are hard wired for connection. It makes sense then, that if connection is an undeniable need of all humans, we would do better on a weight loss journey if we were connecting with others in the process. In fact, a 1999 study  funded by the US government suggests that people are 3X more likely to succeed in their weight loss journeys if they have the support of friends and family. Click on this link to see an abstract of the study:


In 2009, Dan Buettner, author of Blue Zones, travelled to small town Minnesota to bring together town and community leaders to re-think the global health challenge. Dan and his team encouraged people to form “moais,” the Japanese word for “meeting with a common purpose.” Dan encouraged groups of people (not individuals) who support one another in their quest for greater health to band together in the pursuit of these goals. We encourage you to form your own moais. We are a part of that and so are your family and friends! Consider for a moment who would be in your moais? How can we support you in reaching out to these people?


This leads us to the all important question; “How do I ask friends and family to join me on this journey?” We all have people we are close to that we know would benefit from all that we learn here at FM but we are afraid to broach the topic for fear of offending. What if we turned this around and told people that they were one of the keys to our success? That by joining us at FM, not only would they achieve a more healthy way of life but that we would too? Find success together!

Tracy Fisher