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Environment and the Role it Plays in Weight Loss

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2016!

There are a lot of things that I love about the turning over of another year. The days are slowly getting longer so we are seeing more daylight; motivation to move forward is quite high in January; but most importantly, for me, the season of overabundance is, well; over! The biggest lesson I learned in December was how large a role environment plays in our behavioural change/fat loss journey. When I look at my own journey and that of my clients in January and compare it with December I see one glaring difference: environment. We are typically not engaged in our “normal” day to day activities for some or most of December. We are faced with more food and drink, different kinds of food and drink and a larger quantity of food items than we would typically have in our environments. By January most of us feel overloaded by the abundance of food and are looking for ways to clear it out (even if that means giving it away.) The question is what did we learn from this environmental shift?

  • If you have something in your environment that you enjoy- plan to eat it. Conversely, if you don’t want to regularly eat a certain item- don’t have it in your house! We are far less likely to hop in a car and drive to the store to pick up ice cream than we are to grab it out of the freezer. It is far easier to change our environment than it is to change ourselves.
  • Willpower is, at best, a short-term strategy. Telling yourself that you should be able to have temptation in your environment and just ignore it is a notion that will have you feeling side tracked often!
  • There are some things you will be able to have in your environment and enjoy only occasionally and other things that you will over indulge on every time! Be kind to yourself and remember this is a journey.
  • We will see success more often when we go in with a plan. Have you discussed with your Coach what your plan is next time you are faced with a challenging environment?

I heard someone say the other day that what we do between Christmas and New Years is less important than what we do between New Years and Christmas. In other words, it is what we do most of the time, not on occasion that dictates our success over the long term. So let Christmas be what it was and move on; the best of 2016 is waiting for you!

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Tracy Fisher