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Connecting your dots…

Weight loss is complicated. I do believe in the calories in and calories out equation, but I also understand that telling someone to eat less and move more is as about as helpful to telling someone with a debt problem to spend less and make more. However, in this article, I want us to use the calorie equation as a foundation. Everything that I evaluate has to point to that foundation in the end. It’s a way that I can filter through information and science and bring it back to a practical use.


For instance, I had a very eye opening experience exploring weight loss on google. One website stated that when your stress and cortisol levels are high, the body actually resists weight loss. Another website identified that if you starve your body it will gain weight, yet in another website it discussed how intermittent starvation is the best way to lose weight. It can get confusing. So if the calorie equation (calories in calories out) is true, how do each of the above statements relate to it?


How does cortisol, starvation, hormones, etc… relate to the energy balance equation? This is where it gets personal. I believe everyone is unique physiologically, I know most people would agree on that statement. But I also believe that everyone is unique psychologically, emotionally, environmentally etc…This is where you have to connect the dots between the energy balance equation and your belief system.


For example, I know some people who are stressed and lose weight and I’ve met some that are stressed and gain weight. So we can’t necessarily say that stress causes weight gain. However, it might be your reality. So in your reality how would stress cause you to eat more calories or burn fewer calories (this is the energy balance equation)? When your stressed, do you exercise less? When your stressed does food become a comfort? This is more important than making a statement that when you’re stressed your body resists weight loss. There’s no personal explanation, no connection of the dots. When I connect the dots I get to see where I need to make changes. I start to bark up the right tree. Setting time boundaries at work to help me get exercise is different then regulating my emotions to help assist in not using food as a coping mechanism. However, stating high cortisol levels will cause my body to resist weight loss leaves very few options for me. I feel more helpless.


This is why at FitMetabolism, we work through the personal paths with our clients, from measuring metabolism to learning more about how their real lives operate. We are a realistic plan that helps navigate the complexities. We help connect the dots to give you more control and success. We make sure that you bark up the right tree.


Thanks for reading.


Jason Hagen