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Choose a Safe Weight Loss Plan for Long-Term Success

If you’re looking to lose weight, there are plenty of plans from which to choose. Fasting, surgery, restrictive diets, and meal replacement bars and shakes are popular choices that make big promises. You may have even tried some or all of them and seen a bit of success. Maybe you lost 5 or 10 or even 50 pounds and felt great for a while, only to gain it all back once you returned to normal eating. Perhaps you even suffered some unpleasant side effects before giving up and trying something else.

Whatever your experience, the truth is that these and many other popular diets are not always your safest choice if you want to lose weight.

The Key Components of a Safe Weight Loss Plan

Before starting any new diet plan, ask yourself if:

  • Your food choices include only certain macronutrients such as protein and fat, while eliminating others all together.
  • You’ll begin your diet while at the same time planning to return to “normal” eating after you lose the weight.
  • The plan’s primary claim to fame is its bestseller status.
  • The plan promises rapid and significant weight loss.
  • You will have to forego meals with friends and family and instead eat only the “allowed” foods.
  • The plan promises big results with little or no effort.

These are all telltale signs of fad diets that promise much but rarely deliver. What’s more, they’re not the best choice for your overall health.

Safe weight loss plans ensure that you get a variety of nutrients. While you may lose weight eating nothing but protein and fat, your body needs carbohydrates to survive. They are the primary fuel for your brain, so eliminating them from your diet is clearly not safe.

You also want to choose a plan that is sustainable over the long term. Making a radical change to the way you eat only to return to your previous habits after you’ve lost the weight is what yo-yo dieting is all about. You will lose weight, then gain it back, only to lose it again.

Truly safe diets are those that promote consistent and sustainable weight loss, and which can be looked at not as a diet, but as a new lifestyle.

Success Begins with Safety

Only safe and sustainable diet plans will give you the long-lasting success you are looking for. The reason is simple: by making lasting changes to your eating and exercise habits, you’re making a lifestyle change that is far easier to maintain than restrictive, fast, and even dangerous methods.

When you learn to eat a healthy balance of nutrients, you will naturally lose the weight, and with properly planned exercise, a fit and toned body is attainable. Never again will you have to withstand a juice fast or suffer through weeks of eating nothing but meat and cheese just to lose that same 20 pounds again. When you practice safe weight loss methods, such as those taught at your local clinic, and pair them with reasonable exercise, you’ll keep the weight off permanently and easily.

If you’re ready for a safe weight loss program that is sustainable long term, there’s one Calgary weight loss clinic that makes it easy. With on-site and virtual options, they can help you lose weight and keep it off from anywhere in the world.

Jason Hagen