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A Realistic Plan to Lose Weight and Fat After Pregnancy

Next to a good night’s sleep, losing weight and baby fat is at the top of just about every new mom’s wish list. Movie stars make it look so easy, showing off flat abs and toned butts just weeks after giving birth, so why is it so hard for the rest of us?

First, if you don’t have a celebrity budget, then spending 4 hours a day with your trainer while the nanny cares for the baby probably isn’t an option. Neither is relying on your personal chef to prepare tasty, low-calorie meals for you. For real-life moms, these weight-loss tools may be out of reach, but you can still lose that weight and fat. You just need a plan.

Eat the Foods You Like

Many moms find meal preparation to be incredibly difficult with a newborn around. In this eat-when-you-can world, restricting your diet to only certain foods or learning new ways to cook is a lot to ask. There’s already been a huge lifestyle change, so you need to find a weight-loss plan that will allow you to maintain at least some consistency.

The fact is you can lose weight while still enjoying the same foods you’re used to eating. Depriving yourself of your favorite meals or forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like in the name of dieting is only going to disappoint you in the end. A good weight-loss clinic can help you develop a meal plan that fits your unique tastes and lifestyle, rather than expecting you to conform to a one-size-fits-all diet.

Finding Time to Work Out

Here’s something else new moms struggle with. When you have trouble carving out time to even shower, it’s hard to imagine making time to get to the gym. Yet a lot of weight-loss plans would have you believe this is a must-do if you want to lose baby fat.

The good news is working out does not have to involve 90 minutes at the gym, 6 days a week. In fact, you can just as easily work out at home while the baby is napping, after he’s gone to bed at night, or while your husband is on duty. The trick is knowing which exercises will give you the biggest benefit for the least amount of time invested.

This is where a trainer can help. Your local weight-loss clinic should be able to evaluate your lifestyle and current fitness level to help you develop a workout plan you can follow without constant supervision. They’ll work with you to find effective exercises you enjoy, so you won’t grow bored or discouraged. Plus, they’ll encourage you to continually improve, so you keep building strong muscles long after the baby weight is gone.

You don’t have to be a starlet to have a fit, toned body after having a baby. With a realistic eating plan and a doable workout schedule, you can get that pre-baby body back, and you can do it without sacrificing your favorite foods or what little free time you have.

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Jason Hagen