Here’s the problem – it’s 9 o’clock at night, you’ve already had a complete dinner and even a little snack after, you’ve made your favorite tea yet for some reason you still feel like something to eat. You wander over to the kitchen – open the cupboard, then the pantry, then the fridge, then you go back to the cupboard and you pull out the bag of trail mix (or whatever your go-to thing is…). You see your FM binder sitting on the counter and you know your food tracking sheets are inside and you walk right by it with your perfectly portioned little bowl of trail mix – (your now over 2C 2F for the day).  You eat your bowl of trail mix and proceed to fill it up two more times.

“WHY? Why oh why did I do that?”, you say to yourself 15 minutes later.

Here are 3 simple ways to avoid night time snacking:

1)     Go to bed.  At night we’re often tired for a myriad of reasons but instead of taking ourselves to bed to get some quality sleep we decide the thing to do is sit back and chill in front of the TV (or computer) for an hour or two. When your tired, it’s much more difficult to avoid temptation than it is when you’re feeling alert.  It’s easier to give in to that “craving” or “in the moment temptation” so the next time you feel  like something to eat and it’s late at night  – do something different, treat yourself to some sleep!

2)     Eat Breakfast.  Time and time again research has shown that people who skip breakfast will ultimately consume more calories later in the day.  So why do we skip breakfast? Well, did you read point #1? You probably went to bed too late, then hit snooze 7 times and then you were rushed to get out the door and get to work on time.  When we’re in “scramble” mode – looking after ourselves falls to the bottom of the priority list . We’ll make sure that our kids have great snacks packed in their lunchboxes, a decent breakfast and we’ll grab the cookie that’s sitting on the counter and a coffee to go.  Try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than normal. Give yourself the luxury of some extra time in the morning. That 15 minutes could be the key to helping you stay on track with your weight loss goal.

3)     Call someone.  I hear a lot of clients tell me that they eat because they’re bored.  They know they shouldn’t but they don’t know what else to do instead.  My suggestion? When that 9 o’clock temptation strikes, call someone you love and want to remain connected with and have a great conversation.  It’s so easy in this world to rely on technology like Facebook, twitter and texting to connect with people in our life but nothing can take the place of true social interaction. It does both your heart and body good.

I’d love to hear more suggestions from you on how to prevent the night time munchies from getting in your way of achieving your health and weight loss goal. What do you do? Drop down into the comments below and share!